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Superfast productizations

Why would you develop your services with Ediste?

Has your service development or sales stalled? Do your sales badly need new services and valuable proposals? Ediste is your work mitten when you want to productize new expert services. Our service befits you especially well, when

  • you have engineers and other experts working for you,
  • you sell high-tech or expert services,
  • you miss better selling products or,
  • you need customers for your new service.

We will productize your company an unfair competitive edge. We have 20 years of experience in productizing and have delivered more than 500 service products.

Our strength is productizing high-tech and expert services. We crystallize the know-how of your experts so that it is easy to sell.

We sell benefits to your customers, not features. We understand engineers and product developers. We know how to package even a complex technical service. And most important of all, we know how to write the money talk your customer’s decision makers yearn for.

We have refined along the years a tough productization machine to serve you. We make sure, that you get a ready-to-sell service on a most speedy schedule. We have as customers an extensive group of Finnish companies from various industries. Ediste helps your company in the design of your service strategy, productization, and building of your service organization.

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Ediste is a member of The Finnish Management Consultants Association.

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We are certified as a trustable business partner by the Vastuugroup.


Ediste has earned the Suomen Asiakastieto Platinum financial performance certification.

Who is Antti Apunen?

I am owner and founder of Ediste. I am responsible for
productization, this means I lead the workshops and present your new service. I participate in the piloting of your new service and the development of your service organization.

I am a 49-year-old social scientist and father of two children. I studied at the beginning of the 90s at Tampere University, where simultaneously working as editor-in-chief of the student magazine sucked me into professional life. I spent the last years of the millennium, working at advertising companies and at growing my own software company. I have been an entrepreneur since 1995.

I became a productizer at the beginning of the new millenium. I came up with the idea simply because, I realized it was practically impossible to buy productization services, so I decided to start offering them myself.

I have gathered management experience from small product development companies to big listed companies’ executive committees. I have experience in designing service centers, management and service sales.
As personal customers, I have had tens of Finnish big companies and many more smaller expert companies.

From year 2008, all my productizations are done in my fully owned Ediste. I am also a CMC-certified management consultant.


My strengths as a productizer

  • I have productized more than 500 services to companies
    selling worldwide their expertise and products. You will find
    examples of my customers and projects in the Customers-
  • I can write the money talk, that managers and executive
    committees want to read.
  • I stick my neck out. I sell your new product to your
    salespersons and your executive committee before you do,
    and before I try to be smart on how your experts should
    handle the situation.
  • I can describe your technically difficult product with words,
    that your customers understand. I grasp the language of
    engineers, so you won’t have to spell out the basics for me.
  • I productize really fast.

My publications

I have worked as a journalist and created content to many
newspapers and magazines, blogs and books along the years.
Here are some of my most prominent publications in Finnish:

  • Haastajasta hittipalveluksi: Tuotteista ideastasi menestyjä.
    AlmaTalent 2020.
  • Tuotteistajan pikaopas 2: Sisäinen markkinointi . Miten myyt
    tuotteistamasi uudet palvelut asiantuntijoillesi? Ediste 2011
  • Tuotteistajan pikaopas 6: Dollarisaatio . Miten osoitat palvelusi tarjoaman kilpailuedun rahassa? Ilmestyy keväällä 2013.
  • Tuotteistajan pikaopas 4: Vaikea on oikea . Miten kehität kilpailuedun, joka on vaikea kopioida? Ediste 2012.
  • Tuotteistaminen 2 . Talentum 2011.
  • Tuotteistajan taskuraamattu . Talentum 2013.
  • Tuotteistajan opas taloushallinnon asiantuntijalle. Taloushallintoliitto 2010.
  • Sukellus pimeyteen: Tutkimusmatka Budapestin alla . Tammi 2009.
  • Regular writer for Aamulehti and Kauppalehti. Articles for various magazines (e. g. Helsingin Sanomat monthly magazine and Image).
  • Blogs for the Gurumarketing-blog years 2009-2011.
  • Hundreds of lectures on marketing, sales and productization since year 1996.
  • One of the writers of the book 101 kysymystä ja vastausta Google-markkinoinnista (101 questions and answers on Google marketing), that earned the Kultasulka Writing Prize