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In one work week at the fastest, you productize your service into a ready to sell condition

Tuotteistaminen – Ediste-rynnäkköEdiste | Tuotteistaminen

You benefit from a productization format, with which we have packaged hundreds of services

Tuotteistaminen – Ediste-rynnäkköEdiste | Tuotteistaminen

You forge an outrageous service promise, that
will make you stand out from your competitors

Tuotteistaminen – Ediste-rynnäkköTuotteistaminen – Ediste-rynnäkkö™

You target your message and pilot effortlessly

Tuotteistaminen – Ediste-rynnäkköEdiste | Tuotteistaminen

Ediste does the job, you make the decisions


Ediste productization projects are designed for impatient service developers. We package your idea so that you can easily sell it to your personnel and customers.

We will find the right target group for your service. With our help, you can deliver and price all features as a package easy to buy.

Your customers require proof that your service produces measurable results. Therefore, we will forge a benefit calculation or proper dollarization, with which you explain to your customer the monetary benefits of a single service or your full offering.

Ediste will create sales material according to your corporate identity. You won’t have to sweat with painful homework. It’s enough for you to make the choices during the workshops, we take care of the rest.


What questions do we answer?

  • How do you formulate an outrageous promise for your service?
  • How do you remove the sense of risk that bothers your buyer?
  • How do you recognize your customer’s burning problem?
  • How do you create a story that catches attention and multiplies?
  • How do you dollarize your customers’ benefits?
  • How do you price your service profitably?
  • How do you increase your experts productization know-how?

How do you benefit?

You will obtain a ready-to-sell
service for the target group of your choice.
You will learn the best lessons and practices of productization
as part of your service development.
You will quickly launch
the delivery of
your new or updated service.
You will write
an outrageous promise
for your service
You will dollarize
the benefits your customers
get from your service

You can replace the force-feeding
of technical features
into valuable expert work

Service packages and prices

Light productization

  • A face-lift for your current services, preparing a ready to sell
    service model prototype or facilitating a service project
  • Duration: 2 workshops / 1 week
  • Delivery content: Sales presentation or support to your own content production
  • Pre-tax price 7 900 €

Service productization

  • Productization of a service prototype from zero to ready to sell status
  • A single service or a door opening portfolio spearhead
  • Duration: 3 workshops / 2 weeks
  • Delivery content: Sales presentation, brochure/service
    text content for webpage, light benefit calculation
  • Pre-tax price 12 850 €

Solution packaging

  • Tools for extensive expert services and products
  • Duration: 6 workshops / 6 weeks
  • Delivery content: Results of the service productization +
    dollarization or mapping model that proves the customer’s
    monetary benefits
  • Pre-tax price 18 900 €

and answers on productization

What is productization

With Ediste, productization means a high-pressure project, during which we package service with an outrageous promise and sales pitch. We package for your company a ready-to-sell spearhead service in one workweek. During the project, you will make quick decisions and obtain results at top speed. If you wish, after the productization week, we pilot your service with your customers, and we help you launch the new service production. We also help your sales by developing a benefit-driven sales model.

What is the purpose of productization?

  1. We crystallize an outrageous promise. We will formulate an outrageous promise, that will catch your customers’ interest and will make you stand out from your competitors. For once, the customer asks you spontaneously to tell more about it.
  1. Ediste does the job. We are fast because your or your other work won’t slow down the completion of the project. Ediste will make sure that the job gets done. It’s enough that you participate in the workshops and come up with ideas and review the results.
  1. Ready immediately. Thanks to the tools that resulted from the project, you can rush to your customers right after the project. A new service product cannot be completed much faster or easier than this.
  1. You learn by participating.  Productization works also as high-pressure training. It’s a great example of how productization jobs go efficiently. All the participants get to participate actively in the project and learn by doing.

What is not the purpose of productization?

  1. No endless process design. We do not write detailed checklists or work instructions. If we start by reflecting on the delivery capability of your organization, it will steal attention from the most important thing for your sales: the description and dollarization of your customers’ benefits.
  1. No insanely difficult ideas… We do not design services, which can be delivered only by superhumans through endless heroic efforts. Such services will soon be forgotten in the dusty corners of shelves. We are looking for solutions, that increase your sales with means you believe in. With the aid of our service, you will quickly find paying pilot customers, who will serve as excellent references for further sales.
  1. …. but neither the same old stuff. If the service we productized does not change anything, we have most probably failed. Your old service, which needs updating, will not become a hit product by merely polishing the marketing texts.
  1. No expensive failures. We package your service into a ready-to-sell condition in a week. If your customers don’t love your service, you won’t have burnt tons of money in development projects that lasted many months. During the pilot project, your experts will have the time to polish the details of the delivery process to elevate it to the level of your promise. And if the sales work during the pilot phase, you have a good reason to multiply your success.

Why would you go for a productization project?

Put an end to the endless procrastination. You will obtain in a couple of weeks all the means you need for the sales and marketing of your new service. Your salespersons will pull through tough sales situations with no problem when it’s easy to demonstrate the benefits. You will sell your idea inside your company. We crystallize your idea in such a way, that everyone will understand it immediately

And if you're not happy with the results?

We choose the productization message spearhead in the first workshop. Based on it, Ediste prepares the sales presentation. We present the sales pitch in the second workshop. If you think the presentation is garbage, you get up, say thanks, and goodbye! And we won’t send you a bill for the work we’ve done. Your risk is the time you have invested in the first workshop, that is, three hours. If you like and accept the presentation of the second workshop, we will do the necessary corrections and finalize the project, which will cost you the price we have agreed on.

What has to be done so that we can productize?

Before the productization, we make a decision on at least two things:

  • A well-defined target group.  A good product does not try to offer everything to everybody. Our purpose is to find a delimited target group to which our service offers benefits clearly better than those of the competition. We start the productization project with a list of your customers’ burning problems. If we don’t know who the customer is, we can’t know what the problems are we need to solve. Therefore, start with choosing the proper target group.
  • A competitive service prototype.  In our fast-moving project, we package ready-to-sell results. This won’t happen if the participating experts in the project do not agree on what part of your business or expertise should be productized. That is why we choose the productization prototype together at the beginning before the productization starts.

We can also answer these questions in a pre-meeting, into which you can take along your project group. In the meeting, we can go through the rules of engagement for the productization. This will save us project time and help the participants to prepare.

How can you prepare for the productization project?

We model an outstanding outrageous promise for your service. You can prepare yourself for the productization week, by thinking about how your product is or could be unique and could stand out from the crowd.

What do you get as a result?

We produce for your sales the tools that a good productizer would anyway construct first of all.

  1. The sales presentation crystallizes your promise into a flowing sales pitch, that summarizes your unique sales claims, your customer’s monetary benefits, and the delivery content of your service.
  2. The basis of your business is an outrageous – or at least an awesome – promise. If you don’t dare promise the buyer any meaningful benefit, your business is endangered. We deliver to your sales toolbox also a product brochure, with which
    you concretize your promise.

We deliver the materials in PowerPoint and InDesign files that you can edit. And of course, we follow the graphic guidelines of your company.

You obtain the rights to all the materials that describe your service, created during the project. The material belonging to the project format belongs to Ediste. Ediste cannot yield a limitless license for material owned by a third party used during the project, such as fonts or image bank photographs. Even though during the workshops we speak either Finnish or English, we produce the final material in the language you
choose. If you need translations of the written material into other languages than Finnish or English, please let us know at Ediste well on time before the project starts.

Why do we productize outrageous promises?

At the Ediste Productization we formulate for your service,
product or their combination a stunning promise, that will catch your customers’ interest and will make you stand out from your competitors. At best, your promise will be so outrageous that your customers will be slightly incredulous

For once, the customer asks you spontaneously to tell her more about it. Your sales persons will avoid bargaining and instead, they will be able to talk about the unique benefits your customer will obtain.

What kind of project group is suitable?

A suitable project group has from 5 to 7 people. Then you have a big enough force to compose ideas. A bigger group usually slows down the project.

  1. A decision-maker is a must. The Ediste Productization will succeed only if there is at least one decision-maker. During the project, it is imperious to make fast decisions. There is no time to go elsewhere asking for them. Therefore, a leader, with the power to decide about the contents of the message composed during the week, must participate in all the meetings of the project. Otherwise, what can happen is, that the participants of the workshop create an outrageous promise, and then, some “higher force” that did not take part in the project will torpedo it and censor it, without even knowing what led to such an awesome promise. It’s hard to find a worse motivation killer for the professionals that worked in the project.
  1. The sales take the message to the customer. Productization crystallizes an outstanding promise, that the salesperson will take to the customer. Therefore, we need at least one salesperson for the project. She or he usually has the best opinion on what sort of message could sink in the clientele.
  1. Provisions for experts in product development. It’s good to have at least one expert responsible for service or product design in the project. The promise crystallized during the Ediste Productization will function as the point of departure for his or her work. First, we crystallize the promise, and then we think about how to make good on it. The promise works as the leading thought in product development.

Does Ediste have expertise in your inustry?

The principle of Ediste Productization works independently of the industry. Mostly it is only beneficial, that Ediste is not too deep in your business. We ask questions as outsiders. Your customers will probably ask the same sort of questions. On the one hand we understand stories of engineers. On the other, we can write money talk to executive committees and decision makers. This is the thing your sales usually needs most.

Does The Ediste Productization Replace Your Advertising Agency?

The material produced during the Ediste Productization is a
fantastic premise for your company’s advertising agency. After
the Ediste Productization, you are supposed to work on the
content of the message and the graphical look based on
customer feedback. So Ediste will not replace your current
advertising agency or manage your marketing campaigns, not at

Does Ediste Productize Only Services?

Ediste Productization intends to crystallize a promise that stands out from competitors and sells your company’s product as well as possible. It is irrelevant whether you want to productize a device, a software, a service or a combination of them all. They shape the solution for your customer’s problem.
Ediste Productization is designed originally to productize expert services. This is why it is probably most useful to a company of the service business. On the other hand, nowadays the easiest way to improve the competitiveness of a commodity or a software is with the aid of smart supplementary services.

Does Ediste Productization Suit The Consumer Or Distribution Business?

The majority of the services we have productized are B-to-B
services. But Ediste Productization suits just as well consumer
businesses. With its help, it is easy to productize both resale
businesses and channel businesses, as well as direct trade

What Is Your Biggest Risk When You Participate In Ediste Productization?

Our typical failure is not an interrupted project week because of disagreements or a bad quality sales pitch. Our most typical failure is a fine productization project, which all are happy with, but whose results are never sold anywhere. There are several reasons for a service being left to gather dust on the shelf. Salespersons lack the time or the will to learn to sell the new product. Customers do not readily understand, why the sales message and the former low price changed.

Simply put, the will to launch the new service in the market is lacking. Therefore, think twice before the project, whether or not you are ready for the extra sales efforts required after the project. Mere productization will not solve all your problems.

Should You Take Along The Marketing And/Or Communications Section?

It is not necessary for the representatives of marketing and
communications to participate, but the future sales and
marketing of your service might benefit from it.
The purpose of the project is not the polishing of the details of your graphic look, but the production of a striking content. The brochure made during the Ediste Productization is primarily a test version for your own personnel and pilot customers to comment on. Even if we make a small edition at the end of the project.There is no time booked for considering visual details, if they are
not relevant to the promise. This of course, does not imply that we do not follow the graphic directives of your company, the brochure and the sales presentation will look like your company.

Would You Like To Have Your Customer Participating In The Service Development?

Usually, at the project, we discuss issues that are not for outsiders. For example, few companies would like to do margin calculations in front of their customers. Therefore, we do not usually invite customers to join us in the project. This does not mean, that you couldn’t ask your customer’s opinion during or before the productization project.

Your customer can seldom tell in a completely surprising way, how you should change your business. Instead, you will easily receive feedback, if you approach them with a vigorous proposal containing a price and a service promise. We productize according to the industrial LEAN-doctrine the lightest possible service product with a name, price, and delivery content.

Our recommendation is that you book a meeting with 2 to 5 customers following the project, even if the delivery process of the product is not yet ready. When you test your sales pitch in front of customers, you will get authentic reactions. You will know, if the customer has understood your promise and whether he would like to buy your service.


  1. You have chosen your customers or defined your target group
  2. You have listed your customer’s (1-3) burning problems
  3. You have described a unique solution for your customer’s problem
  4. Your service has an outrageous – or at least an awesome – promise
  5. You have dollarized your benefits in a comprehensible calculation
  6. Your service has a guarantee, that eliminates the risk of buying
  7. Your delivery’s delivery has been described
  8. Your service has a comprehensible price or price model


In the project, we can choose a name for your service, if you don’t already have one. Ediste does not guarantee that the name can be registered as a trademark; it is the authorities who decide about that.


Our recommendation is that you fail inexpensively and you multiply your successes. This means, that according to the LEAN-doctrine, it is advisable to productize the lightest version of a service and pilot sell it immediately. If the approach of your service is new and revolutionary, you most probably won’t find comprehensive market research already existing on its sales potential. Your best means are an agile trial sale and a few energetic pilot projects, with which you prove your results.