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Ediste | Strategia

With the service strategy you turn your competitive edge into an outstanding service

Palvelustrategia – Ediste-jalostamoEdiste | Strategia

You steer the service business in the direction you choose

Palvelustrategia – Ediste-jalostamoPalvelustrategia – Ediste-jalostamo™

With the strategy you anchor a more appropriate target group for your service

Palvelustrategia – Ediste-jalostamoEdiste | Strategia

You shift from traditional single services to the benefit driven
life-cycle model

Palvelustrategia – Ediste-jalostamoEdiste | Strategia

You offer a suitable
breeding ground for
the new service business

Service strategy

A sharp service strategy tells you how to stand out from your competitors. When you are thinking about updating your portfolio or developing new services, your first task is to update your strategy.

In a service strategy project, we will consider your competitive edge and create means to manage the sales and service production.

With the right strategy, you can guide your experts in the right direction and encourage development, sales, and marketing simultaneously. You will save valuable time when you recognize your strengths and opportunities early in the service development.

Ediste provides your decision-makers with a supportive toolbox, that has been perfected in hundreds of productization projects. With its help, we set the objectives and means of differentiation of your service. We guide you through the strategic model, make the necessary decisions, and we ensure that no important issues are left undealt.

What questions do we answer?

  • How do you clarify your competitive edge?
  • Which is the most profitable target group for your services?
  • How do you ensure your services are developing in the right direction?
  • How do you turn shrinking profits into new growth?
  • How do you increase the value and revenue of your clientele?
  • From what type of good and bad strategy examples can you learn?

What questions does Ediste Service Strategy answer?

You will learn from plentiful examples and with the aid of a proven strategy development model
You will quickly
and systematically produce
an actionable service strategy
You will recognize new possibilities
and challenge the traditional
operating models
You will obtain promptly presentable
results for your executive team,
board or owners
You will easily compare
strategic options
and their impacts
You will simulate profits,
facilitate decision making
and anticipate investments

Service packages and prices


  • Strategic development objectives of a single service or strategic sparring the service portfolio
  • When your need is well defined or your need is to challenge the current approach
  • 2 x 3 hours workshop
  • The service strategy workshop material
  • Pre-tax price 3 850 €

Service family

  • Business line or service family strategy
  • Fits the strategic design of both service development and service delivery, as well as the recognition of sales spearheads
  • 6 x 3 hours workshop
  • Single service or service family strategy
  • Pre-tax price 7 850 €
Tuotteistaminen – Ediste-rynnäkkö | Palvelustrategia – Ediste-jalostamo | Myynti, kumppanuudet ja palvelutuotanto – Ediste-tuotteistaja | Koulutukset – Ediste-palopuhe

Service portfolio

  • Service portfolio-level strategy design
  • A comprehensive customer needs analysis and interviews
  • Helps position traditional and new services as a customer-oriented offering
  • 8 x 3 hours workshop + intermediate weekly meetings
  • Pre-tax price 19 200 €

In what situation is it clever to reflect on service strategy?

With the help of a service strategy, you can recognize your competitive edge and define your objectives according to your business requirements. You will recognize trends and find out prosperous space for growing your service. The strategy helps you create a customer-oriented service platform.

What if I only want to reflect on the options of service development?

Strategy reflection fits excellently a situation in which, you have not yet decided on the development of single services or limited the objectives of your business. With the help of the service strategy, you recognize possibilities of growth, the consequences of new pricing models, and even the growth paths offered by the platform economy.

Is it necessary to update the service strategy before productization?

Not necessarily. Sometimes it’s useful to productize one or more spearhead services, with which you can test your customers’ interest and benefits. Then you can produce them with the new approach. If the new service attracts customers and sells well, you can think about maybe directing the whole service strategy into a new direction based on this experience.

What if I already have a portfolio of services?

Strategy requires regular updating. Freshening up helps recognize growth areas, that may have been left unnoticed under the pressure of the everyday operative work.

How much time does the strategy services of Ediste require from my key people?

You will find in our service packages the right option for your situation. With the help of our sparring package, you will challenge your current situation and gather ideas as fast as in a few workshop hours. In our full-scale strategy project, we update the situation of your whole business unit or your entire company. And of course, you can find options in between these two.