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BilotGo.AI reverse hackathon produces business-relevant AI solutions in eight weeks

Hackathons usually involve several teams working on one business-related challenge for a single company for a short period of time, such as one weekend. Bilot decided to approach the traditional hackathon in a different way: why not invite several companies with several challenges and give the teams enough time to actually produce impactful, fully functioning solutions? Enter the reverse mega-hackathon.

“With so much high-flying AI hype and hot air out there, it was crucial for us to stay practical in this hackathon. We wanted to demonstrate how machine learning can be applied to achieve practical, tangible solutions in a short time frame. At the same time, we wanted both our teams and our customers to deepen their understanding of artificial intelligence, which now is becoming a natural part of the modern full stack”, says CEO Mika Tanner.

The reverse hackathon began in February with a call for challenges, with selected customers invited to participate. Business/AI workshops were organized individually for each participating customer.

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